Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hanging with some Friends

4 days ago, right before the MAC incident (when we went for our morning walk) we saw these shacks made of wood slabs next to the railroad tracks, and went to hang out with the people. The very 1st person to the last person we met that day were all so happy and so genuine. They asked us why we were in Argentina and when we told them we were on our honeymoon, a loud cheer of smile, clappping and hollering broke out. They offered wine, one of the men even gave Brendan a condom and they had permanent smile on their faces!
We told them we wnated to have lunch with them soon and decided on Monday at 4pm. As we were leaving, we gave our hugs and kisses and when I went to give "Stephanie" a big hug, she cried in my arms and told me how happy she was. Monday came around and we got 3 large pizzas, 12 empanadas, chocolate chip cookies, 12-1.5 liter sodas, some wine, and headed over to the train tracks. When we got there we were spoiled with love and more people kept showing up. We hung out, talked about their lvies, our lives, laughed, and sang. The whole time we were there they just wanted to give; one man gave me a coin with the Virgin of Argentina and "Tio" gave Brendan really cool old postcards that he found.

Before we knew it people were calling me "Tia" and the kids were so adorable,, and beautiful. Being a Monday, they had to make their money, so earlier that day they dug through the trash and found computer parts and metal which they were off to sell. We all had such a great lunch at their home and thoroughly enjoyed each other!

Gifts given to us

One of the boys took a picture of Bren
"La Virgen de Argentina"
"Nos Vemos"
Our friends with the "Virgen de Argentina"

Sunday, August 23, 2009


How many times have you gone into an Apple store? If your like Bren and I (more Bren) your a Apple lover and think their products are genius. Not to bag on Apple so much, more their specific employees at the MAC Station Store in Palermo-Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The following story may be taken to other sites to post, this is why you will see our names being repeated so often.

The horrific experience begins:

Bren and I (Linda) woke up Saturday morning to go for a nice walk (which we did and ended up meeting great people) After our walk, on our way home, we saw an Apple store and obviosly had to go in. At this time work pops, into my head so I decided to send a work email real quick. I sign on to my gmail account and right as I sign in, the mouse starts controlling itself (which at first we thought might be a malfunction of the mouse) But we then realized the mouse began to open up various random applications. (Applications such as: iCal, iPhoto, Garage Band and software updates.) We were confused and asked "Cesar" (the employee at the door) what was going on with the mouse? He responded by saying that the computer was doing a software update. Now doing software updates has no relevance to why the mouse was controlling itself. Anywho, we waited for the supposed "software update" to be finished, but waited and waited and nothing happened. During this time Bren and I knew that someone had to be controlling the mouse, so Bren walked around the store pretending to look at other items. He then walked by another Apple employee, "Jose Cabrero," and saw he was using a remote mouse app on his iPhone to control my (Linda's) computer. Bren then came over to me and told me that "Jose" was dong this. At this point we thought it was funny and that he was playing a joke. As time went on and i kept trying to sign out of my email account, "Jose" controlling the mouse would not let me. At that point we longer thought it was a joke but instead thought it seemed shady for Apple employees. So I then went over to "Jose" and before talking to him, I looked at his iPhone and he had the same screen on his iPhone that I had on the computer. I then asked him to stop controlling the computer so that I could sign off my email account. At this point he got flustered and choked on his words, but told me he didn't know what I was talking about. I then repeated myself 3 times and "Jose" kept acting like he didn't know what was going on. He then claimed he was "instant messenging" on his iPhone I was on. I began to use te mouse that was no longer being controlled (because "Jose" put down his iPhone and walked over) He angrily told me not to touch the computer because it was doing a software update. Now both Bren and I have Apple computer and products, and I know that you can be on the internet while the software updates were downloading. We then explained this to "Jose" and he responded by telling us that these computers are not to be used to go on the internet and when people do, the compupter autimatically contacts the head of Apple as well as turning itself into demo mode. (WHAT?) Now another thing: Bren and I have both seen the demo mode many times and what the computer was doing (when controlling itself) was not demonstrating anything. I then explained that I just wanted to sign out of my email so that it wasn't open to the public. He then got furious when I tried to sign out and told us to get out of his store. The employee at the door (Cesar) looked confused and I told him that we just wanted to sign out of my gmail account. Meanwhile "Jose" was telling us to get out. The door man "Cesar" then took us over to the computer and let me sign out. "Jose" was telling us to get out and Bren then asked him "Do you work," because he knew he wanted to make a complaint. "Jose" answered he worked at the laundry mat at the corner, which is funny because he had the signature black Apple t-shirt with logo in white and Apple bracelet on. Bren proceeded to ask "Cesar" if "Jose" worked there and "Cesar" said yes. So now we have been told a lot of BS and as we were walking away, "Jose" says, "Vas aprender la leccion," (You will learn your lesson) After leaving and turning the corner to go back home, Brendan decided he wanted to go back and take pictures of "Jose" and make a formal complaint. What Brendan found next is gut wrenching. As he took a picture of "Jose" who at this point was on the same computer I was, Bren saw"Jose" hack into my email account. Brendan has pictures of "Jose" in my email account as well as a clear picture of "Jose," if that is his real name.

When Bren and I got home and opened up my work email, we found 2 months of work emails gone! "Jose" had not only erased emails, but now has access to emails with sensitive info. We immediatly called our bank to let them know, as well as took further action in securing our online accounts. We then called Apple and made a formal complaint. We are now in the waiting stage for Apple to contact us to further investigate the issue. We will keep you up to date.


* As I sign into my work email at an Apple store, the mouse began to control itself

* Confronted Apple employee, "Cesar" why the mouse was controlling itself, and he claimed the computer was downloading a software update.

* Saw Apple Empolyee "Jose Cabrero" controlling computer using a remote mouse app.

* "Jose Cabrero," Apple Employee would not let me sign out of email.

* When confronted, Apple Employee "Jose" denies controlling the computer.

* Apple Employee "Jose Cabrero" then claims that if a customer uses the internet, the computer automatically contacts the head of Apple as well as turning itself to demo mode (What!? BS)

* "Jose" claims to work at laundry mat (whille wearing the signature black t-shirt with white Apple logo)

* Watched Apple Employee, "Jose," hack into Linda's email

* Found out Apple Employee deleted 2 months of work emails.

Photo Cliffnotes
* Apple Employee "Jose Cabrero" on G-Mail, on the computer that I just used!

* A closer look at Apple Employee "Jose Cabrero"

* "I don't work here, I work at the laundry mat at the corner."-Jose Cabrero

* Clearly in my G-Mail!

* Bren loves the expression when "Jose" found out he was taking photos of what he was doing?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Hit the Wall

Getting ready for the wedding, got married, went to Vegas for a few days, went river rafting, went camping with some cousins, got home and packed wedding gifts, packed my room, moved Bren out of his parents house, hung out with the family down for the wedding: BBQ's, Pool Parties, and 20 minutes before leaving to the airport we decided we should probably pack for our year long honeymoon. We got to Argentina and the start of the honeymoon began! Were so excited to be here, wanting to see everything, (body is slowing down) walking Argentina, taking subays and trains (body slowing down more) going out at night, found our 1st place together (body has now completly shut off....) We hit the wall and we hit it hard!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Palermo Soho - We love where we live

The area where we live is rad (Palermo Soho)you see people walking their dogs, or people at the park, where there is lots to do. This zone is very posch and upclass; occassionally seeing porsch's and everyone in percet fashion, which is really funny because I walk the streets with a wool sweater which has unicorns and roses on it and it's 100% old lady status, except for grandma Angela who is always a good looking grandma. Apart from that, Bren and I only have 5 tops, a sweater, a flece, a jacket, 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of snow pants, so needless to say we're not the most fashionable people around here. The nightlife here is definatly the happening place to be; the zone is very artsy, many different people and that makes it a fun place to be!

Our 1st Aparatment

We moved into our 1st apartment! The place is perfect:
It has a window the size of one of our walls with a great view and a way cute terrace with a table for lunch on sunnier days, and spectacular views of the city lights at night. (P.S. We even have an extra bedroom; it's pretty much like a big closet, for those that want to visit) We've been settling in and figuring out why our hot water won't work and having some internet issutes, but that's all been figured out now, and we're on to finding Bren a Spanish school!
Side note: Don't worry about us not getting enough to eat....
Dinner Tonight
Appetizer - sauteed mushrooms (w/ garlic and basil)
Bread with oil and vinegar
Main Course - Steak and chicken shiskabobs and a HUGE platter of grilled vegis
A bottle of wine and 2 beers. So much food that we even had left overs!
(Were livng it up)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Very Interesting Man

We decided to walk around San Telmo, which is another zone of Buenos Aires. Walking, walking, walking.... stopped to look at some art, started talking to the street vendors, sat down to have some "matte," Argentinian tea drunk in bowls with a straw that is actually a strainer, and the story of Ashkayana begins:

We met a man today of Indian descent, whether his story was completely true or not, we learned today that the human species is very adaptable and able to learn as much as we let it.

Ashkoyana does not know of his family, nor does he know when his birthday is. He figures, he might as well celebrate his birthday every day because it must be one of those days; "algun dia sera." A certain animal, of which I did not understand (one with fangs) took him in as an infant. The animal gave him milk from her tit, and here his childhood began. He began to climb trees and when it got cold he would get dirt and fromthe sun's energy, he used it as a blanket and would cover the dirt with grass. Ashkoyana grew up in the jungle, and you may ask "How did he get a name?" Well, when Ashkoyana came to the city of Buenos Aires people yelled in the Indian language "Here comes the black dog, Here comes the black dog." Ashko translates to dog, and yana translates to black, meaning black dog or "perro negro." Now, Ashkoyana's body is not like your typical human body, Ashkoyana has one hand shaped like one of a monkey's and his feet towards the top are shaped like bananas. They bcame this way because of his normality of climbing trees. Ashkoyana has no hair on his body, except for that on his head. He had learned to live one with nature but when he travelled to the city, he was very confused with the people and the way they acted with each other. When he was hungry, he took a watermelon (in other words, he stole) and climbed off into the trees with it. The quote on quote "civilized men" saw him stealing and take off into the trees and they began to shoot at Ashkoyana. He still has the scars from that day, but said he learned a lot that day. He has been in the city for 25 years and yet you will always see him in the same clothes every day, but because he is comfortable in those clothes. He has cut his hair, which was once knotted with plants and dirt (dreadlocks) He has also learned how to speak as well as make a living for himself. He is a street vendor and an artsy one at that! He finds spoons, forks; silverware and makes things like, necklaces, perfume bottles, people dancing, or anything that pops in his head. He appreciates the beauty there is in out world, lives one with nature and still likes to be in the mix of "civilization."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well well, my friends, these dreadlocks are more work than I thought.... They itch, my head kind of hurts, and when I sleep I feel like I'm sleeping on a big pillow of itchy itchy wool.... I don't know how much longer I can go. Day 3 of dreads, and Bren and I are off to a town called Tigre; tell you all about it later, as well as a very interesting man, we met yesterday!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Say what... Dreadlocks????

You probably wanna see a picture of my dreads.....and many of you are probably thinking, "Wait did she actually get dreads?" or maybe even "But what about her long curly hair?" Well I did get dreads, and the long curly hair.... completly gone!

The Begining

So Bren and I had a layover in Mexico City which was bomb, cause we got to see family and hang. Don't worry, pics will be up soon, Bren has been working on that.

Let me give you the low down on the last couple days:

Airplane landed, took the city bus to Buenos Aires, walked about 15 blocks with out backpacks,
got Argentinan pesos, checked into a hotel, had dinner, locals told us of a good bar, Kilkenny, had a drink, thought cigarettes would be fun, EEEWWW; What were we thinking... Woke up, checked out, got breakfast, checked into Hostel Colonial, shared a room with Lesbians from France, saw a homeless streetvendor offering to do dreadlocks (why not?) So I did, guy at hostel told us of a bar and a club, went to the bar, had some fondue, got to the club around 2am strutting my new dreads; (Bren was really excited we got VIP entrance and didn't have to wait in line.) We danced, partied like rockstars.... Life is great, I'm married to Brendan.