Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas Festivities

Hanging with some of the cousins; we're all wearing matching bracelets!

First major plus: I get to see Ang, Javs, and my dad!!!  (My mom wasn't able to come becuase she was at home being an amazing sister/human being)

In the Mexican culture, family gets together X-Mas Eve night and waits up for Christmas (even teh grandparents) and the party doesn't start till 11pm/11:30.  Before the party all the family went to the plaza and hung out, then we went to watch a nativity play that my uncle was in and then headed over to my unlces house to start the party.  We hung with family, ate, drank, of course danced, and at midnight we hugged, and kissed EVERYONE!  The party went on and we got home around 3am.  We slept for a while and Christmas Day we went to my aunts's ranch house to have a late lunch and hung out some more.  I know, I know, your probably thinking "Wait, what about Christmas morning and presents?" Mexico, presents aren't till January 7th (Day of the Kings)  They get this day because the 3 kings gave Jesus presents, so in my Aunt Carrie's words Instead of "a fat man in a red coat" bringing you presents, the 3 Kings do.
After hanging at my aunts ranch house, all the cousings decided to jam pack ourselves into mine and Brendan's room and have movie night.  We set up matresses all over the floor, and stuffed the bed with cousins; we were feeling very close to eachother that night.

(Many of you know that me and Ang match every year for X-Mas Eve/X-Mas, so this year we threw something together with non existent closet I own.)

Smile for the camera

Brother/Sisterly LOVE

Together FOREVER

My uncle that was in the Nativity Play

Chillin with the cousins

Brotherly LOVE


I don't know what's going on

Let's start the dancing!

Clock strikes midnigh;CHRISTMAS! Hugs and Kisses


PHOTO SHOOT: Brendan climbs the wall and back flips

I Feel More Marriages On the Way...

Posada: A Mexican tradition in the Christmas times where you drink hot punch, eat hot tamales, have a bonfire, re-enact Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay the night Jesus was born; another fun party with family and friends.
We went to a friends house for a posada and we did a gift exchange which was rigged in a very good way!  It was our guy friends turn to give his gift to his "Secret Santa" and his "Secret Santa" ended up being his girlfriend ;)  She began to open her present and in the middle of opening it up, she gasped, let out a little yell, stepped back from teh little black box she had found and covered her mouth in shock!  Highlight of the night: our friends got engaged!

He's putting the ring on her finger..

Their engaged!

The Perfect Table Cloth

My grandma (mom's mom) wanted to buy Bren and I a table cloth for our kitchen table back at home, but she knew that the best table cloths were sold in San Juan so we were off for the day!  When we got to San Juan, we began by going to the churjch and it's custom to go down the aisle dancing, so we did.  After church, the shopping began, I think we went to every storefront and then found the perfect one!  Now we didn't take a picture of the table cloth, so you'll just have to come over for dinner to see it!

Getting some holy water

Dancing down the aisle with my grandma

Just a little peek of the perfect table cloth...

Dia De La Virgen

Ok, so if your not a Mexican Catholic, your proabably really confused about this day..... so this is how this story goes:

Back in the day, in a Mexican town called Tepeyac, there was an indian whose name was Juan Diego.  The 9th of September there was a big party for the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary, so Juan Diego was on his way to town (which was very far) On his way, the Virgin Mary appeared to him and said "Look, Juan Diego, I chose you and I want you to build a church in X spot.   Go to the bishop and tell him."  Juan Diego went to the bishop, the bishop didn't listen to the poor indian.  He tried again, no luck.  Another day, the Virgin appeared again and said "OK, take these roses as a sign to the bishop."  Now in Tepeyac in those times, there were no roses, so when Juan Diego went to the bishop he revealed the roses that he had wrapped in his poncho and when the roses fell to the ground, the Virgin Mary appeared on his white poncho.  The bishop believed and a church was built.
So now every December 12th, people all around Mexico dress up like indians, and yes of course we did too!  Not only did we dress up, but like we said before, my grandparents are both very religious and ever since I was little my grandma has always volunteered me in every religious play, stations of the cross, etc...  This day being such a religious one, there was of scourse many religious events and before we knew it we were rehearsing a dance to be danced at teh 10am mass at the main church at the plaza..  wait, what?  Brendan dancing a rehearsed dance down the aisle of the main church with lots and lots of people watching?  Before our turn to go down the aisle, Bren was making sure he knew his steps and looking at me with the "I can't believe I'm doing this," face.  Bren and I began dancing down the aisle and the whole time we couldn't help but laugh.  Too fun!

This is me and Bren beginning the dance (Do you notice the old lady in front of me?)...

Oh yes, the old lady, jumped out of the isle to dance with Bren. (Competition)

Even my little cousin dressed up!

Volcanic Lake

The story goes:

There was a volcano in Mexico, but what nobody knew was that there was natural springs going on under there.  One day instead of a volcanic eruption, water errupted instead and turned the volcano into a lake!  Cousins and us went to this perfect cirlce lake and at the top of the mountain there are eating spots, so my aunt make good food, we hung out and walked around the lake at the base of the mountain

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We've Been Published In Online Article

We were interviewed for an online article about our honeymoon, but just a warning: the picture they put up is not of us, (kind of funny actually!)  because by the time we gave them the privacy consent that is was alright to use our full names and all that, the article was published. Check out our story

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We know, we know, we've been really late on this blog, so we decided to release 4 at once, and the next release will be a bunch at once too, so sit back, read, laugh and enjoy!

Oh Holy Day

The Church

Never had Brendan or I been to a mass where we got to see men who had been studying to be priest, get their reward for passing the first step. Pretty rare right? (I don't know the exact religious words for this day, so bare with me)   But my grandparents are pretty religous people, and very involved with the church; they go to church every day, give communion to people at their homes who are sick, go to every retreat, sing in the choir, anyways you get the picture; their pretty involved.  My grandparents told us of this mass that was going to happen, and we said why not, never done that one before.  We got there a half hour before the mass started, and there were no good seats where we would be able to see what was going on, it was packed!  My grandpa being so invovled, also has the keys to the church and every door possible, so we just went in the back and got out some chairs for us.  The mass begins, and there's about 40 people singing, and playing instruments, and about 20 priests, and 9 men that are studying to be priests and anxious to get their first reward after 2 years of studying.

The mass continues and one by one, their names are announced, and they say they were born, and what country their off to next to continue studying;  Some are going to Rome, others to Brazil, and others to Columbia.  The men studying then go up in front of the church and recite what values they will uphold, the priests that are at the altar, then  give the men that are studying their first priestly outfit (not really sure what the outfit is called but it's long and black and they wear that little whitte cloth around their neck.)  This part was so neat to see;  the men were so anxious, excited, and some were crying.  Their parents hadn't seen them in 2 years, so this was also an emotional time for their parents as well.  After the mass ended we headed over to the seminary and had some pig, chicken, hand made tamales from the indians of the town, (Guaritas) and of course beans and rice!  Many people came from surrounding towns, including other men that are studying to be priests,  to to be at the ceremony.  That night 5 men studying to be priests, spent the night at my grandma's; Bren and I are also staying at my grandma's so we ate breakfast with them and all the priest we met the day before and that day were so funny and always up for a joke, which was very cool to see.

The 9 men that received the black robes.  My grandma bought them the cake so she's in the picture too.

There's the cake my grandma bought