Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas Festivities

Hanging with some of the cousins; we're all wearing matching bracelets!

First major plus: I get to see Ang, Javs, and my dad!!!  (My mom wasn't able to come becuase she was at home being an amazing sister/human being)

In the Mexican culture, family gets together X-Mas Eve night and waits up for Christmas (even teh grandparents) and the party doesn't start till 11pm/11:30.  Before the party all the family went to the plaza and hung out, then we went to watch a nativity play that my uncle was in and then headed over to my unlces house to start the party.  We hung with family, ate, drank, of course danced, and at midnight we hugged, and kissed EVERYONE!  The party went on and we got home around 3am.  We slept for a while and Christmas Day we went to my aunts's ranch house to have a late lunch and hung out some more.  I know, I know, your probably thinking "Wait, what about Christmas morning and presents?" Mexico, presents aren't till January 7th (Day of the Kings)  They get this day because the 3 kings gave Jesus presents, so in my Aunt Carrie's words Instead of "a fat man in a red coat" bringing you presents, the 3 Kings do.
After hanging at my aunts ranch house, all the cousings decided to jam pack ourselves into mine and Brendan's room and have movie night.  We set up matresses all over the floor, and stuffed the bed with cousins; we were feeling very close to eachother that night.

(Many of you know that me and Ang match every year for X-Mas Eve/X-Mas, so this year we threw something together with non existent closet I own.)

Smile for the camera

Brother/Sisterly LOVE

Together FOREVER

My uncle that was in the Nativity Play

Chillin with the cousins

Brotherly LOVE


I don't know what's going on

Let's start the dancing!

Clock strikes midnigh;CHRISTMAS! Hugs and Kisses


PHOTO SHOOT: Brendan climbs the wall and back flips

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  1. this reminds me of steve teaching brendo how to do backflips freshman year in the dorms