Saturday, February 27, 2010

New York, New York Sightseeing

There is defiantly a lot to see in NY.  Even though we did more of seeing family and friends, we defiantly  got some sight seeing in there. We checked out grand central station (if you go, we'll tell you the secret's withing the station.  Fun to check out)  We also checked out railroad tracks that have been converted to "The Highline;" remodeled, but have kept the railroad track feel.

You can walk across the highline and because of it's elevation you get a great view of the Hudson River.  We went to a couple museums, went to FAO Shwartz (very monumental for me, this is where they have the really big piano in the movie "Big")  Oh and also very fun and funny, we went to the Jon Stewart's Daily Show viewing.

Poor Bren got pretty sick while we were in NY and doctor visits in NY and antibiotics being so expensive.... I called my uncle in Mexico, (The Uncle that's a doc) and he tells me what I need to get.  I call a pharmacy and they say I need a prescription for those pills.... hmmm.  Hop on the internet and do some research; I find that you can go to a place called Sunset Park and go to the liquor stores and get the antibiotic without a prescription.  Ok, let's try it... we get to Sunset Park, go to a meat store and ask in Spanish if he knows where I can get amoxicilin.  He doesn't know, but a man overhears us and sends us to a a bread store.  We ask the bread store and they don't have it but they send us to a convenience store a few blocks away.  We ask, she says no.  I ask her if she has anything for my husband who feels horrible?  She then asks if he's ev3er taken Amoxicilin before and Bren says "si."  Magically the pills appear and we buy them.  Mission accomplished and another sight has been seen.
The happy engaged couple

On the Highline

There's a cool spot on the highline with a big window over the traffic.  Pretty cool

Ballerina poses

The "Big" Piano!

Bren took engagement shots of Billy and Tif, and here their so modelish, magazine, billboard worthy


Brother, Sisterly Love

We did some pictures for Cleobella (Brendan's cousin's purse company) and this is Bren's AMAZING work!

Friday, February 26, 2010

NYC - Family and Friends

I'm gonna divi New York in 2 sections; Hanging with Friends and Famiy and NYC sightseeing.  This post will be about the important things in life: Family and Friends.

We arrive to NY and our biggest shock: people speak English! (Bren was really enjoying that)  People used dollar bills..(back to real money) and everyone looked different.  So much diversity in the U.S.  (melting pot, bowl of salad) whatever you wanna call it, it's very cool!  We were able to spend 3 weeks in NY, and Brendan's brother and soon to be sister-in-law (Billy and Tif) live there.

Spending time with them was so incredibly great and we're glad NY was a stop on the honeymoon.  The joke of the house was that "we were at the never ending sleepover."  We watched movies, ate together, talked, played board games, and other games (ungame; good one to check out if you've never played.  It's a cheesy talking game that Bren and I got from our marriage classes, but really fun to play and get to know people better.)  Our house (actually Billy and Tif's place) was te definate hang out.  Their friends regularly came over and tey were such great people to be with.

My old roomate (Ashley) found herself traveling with one of the Lady Gaga's dancer's to NY, so Ash and her friend met up with us; hanging with Ashley is always a crack up and a blast!
Ash, and Ash's friend (so sorry, can't remember your name)   

Now Tori (Bren's sis) is a pole-vaulter for UCLA and jumped in NY with a Personal Record of 13Ft 9 in!  Dang Girl!  It was so awesome to have Tori ther; it completed the puzzle.

Tori going up...

Tori going over
Tori jumped 13' 9"

Me and Billy being excited!

Superbowl, Superbowl.  Every year superbowl is at my Tio Tino's and Aunt Wendy's house and there's always good and plenty of food with a huge screen and people yelling.  (I'm sure that's what a lot of people's superbowl look like!)  This year, we got to spend the superbowl in NY, in Billy and Tif's apartment, with a brand new T.V. and H.D., surround sound.

 Not bad!  Oh and the food...oooo (yummy and plenty of it)
It was so nice to be in New York and rest in a heated apartment, sit/lay on a comfy couch, shower with hot water for more than 5 minutes and to have water pressure.  Very relaxing, and best of all, we got to hang with more family!

We can't remember why the index finger is being held up...

Jill's Debut (She was in this independent film, and she had never acted before)

Brotha and Sista

A game of Cranium with some Fondue... Life is good!

Surfing- in case you didn't get the picture

Oh, Bren is set! We got a Valentines box from Grandma and the aunties, and it was filled with LOTS of goodies!

The Girls


Great Grandma and Tio Jave

While we were in Mexico, we were able to spend time with tehm; able to sit with abuelita and my Tio, and listen to my abuelita's stories while my Tio would chime in.

Where do I even begin, I could talk and talk abuot these two for a long long time and still have more to talk about, but your sake:

Tender, Spunky, Kisses, 103, Full of energy, Loves to laugh, Accepting of everyone, Incredibly wise, Loves her 15 minutes of sun and a beer, Historical green eyes, Love

Tio Jave:
Loves his marbles, Enjoys his routine, Working man, Too cute, Has a little smirk, When laughing he cracks up, Loves his mom

Together, these two were made for each other.  My Tio Javi is mentally ill; that has always kept my grandma on her feet.  On the other hand, my grandma is now 103; my Tio Javi does the best he can to bring her food and listens to her even if she's repeated the same thing 5 times becuuse she can't remember.

These two are quite an act together and their love for each other is so evident.  We are all so lucky and blessed to have them in our lives.  Te quiero mucho abuelita, te quiero mucho Tio.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Day and Weekend Trip Pictures Around Mexico City

This is Gangster Asia Brendan, and please take note of his very crooked glasses. lol
                                                             Stain glass all around at a botanical garden

Ang is barely with the group, I'm playing with my lips, Paco is pouty lipped, and Luisito is really intrigued.  Jeez, what a group of sexy people...

Paco's Curly hair                                                                  My uncle is too cute

Toluca is known for their green chorizo

My Tio Guero and his very cute kids

Weekend trip to Guanajuato.  Hanging with my sis

This house was so cool and perfect.  This is the kitchen

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Many of you may know my cousin Chato.  His mom is from a small town in Mexico called Huichihuayan, in San Luis Potosi (Mexico's largest state)  My cousin invited us to go to this town and on our way there, Chato tells us a little family history about his mom; my aunt.  From what teh family knows, my aunt is one of around 60 kids!  Holy Cow.... Her dad had some money and went from place to place; evvery where he went, he had a wife....9 wives total.  When we got to Huichihuayan, we met Chato's wonderful and welcoming family; we got to talking and the photos began to come out.

We saw photos of my aunt's dad; Chato's grandpa.  Very tall, pale skin, and big boned; he also had a number of some sor on his forearm shich mad us assume he was in the Holocaust/Jewish concentration camp.  This man is a man of mystery; no one knows his full story, but it's even said that he was friends with Pancho Villa.

Chato's family were so incredibly sweet and made sure we were well taken care of.  Their humble house is steps away from the clearest river I have ever seen. 
This is the river by their house

                                                                                          The man of the house

We made a day trip to a near by town, where we made our way to serenity and creativness.  Edward James from England, bought property in the 80's, in Mexico (in the 80's, if you weren't from Mexico, you couldn't buy property there.)  We think that the property he bought and began to build a castle on, was being taken away, so he donated half of it to the people of the town.  Because he had to give it away, the entire castle was never built, but just so you get an idea of where he built this castle:

There are no other houses by the ruins, the closest house by foot, is around 45 minutes.  So you can imagine how deep in the jungle the castle ruins get, and it goes on and on and on.  There are waterfalls going through the ruins and the place is not a huge tourist attraction, so it's touchable, like a big playground.  You climb up the waterfall to a lookout tower; in the summer, kids go down the slippery rocks like a slide, and you can even climb the stairs that Edward James named "Stairway to Heaven."  These ruin, in Brendan's words "are like an art project."  There are lot and lots of stairs, everywhere and when sitting by the waterfall, the leaves on the nearby tree flutter in the sunlight and as small as that may seem within the big scheme of nature, in this place, it is magical!

Chato's Cousin

Where I showered - You had to make sure you the water you boiled mixed well with the cold water, to get the right temperature.