Saturday, February 27, 2010

New York, New York Sightseeing

There is defiantly a lot to see in NY.  Even though we did more of seeing family and friends, we defiantly  got some sight seeing in there. We checked out grand central station (if you go, we'll tell you the secret's withing the station.  Fun to check out)  We also checked out railroad tracks that have been converted to "The Highline;" remodeled, but have kept the railroad track feel.

You can walk across the highline and because of it's elevation you get a great view of the Hudson River.  We went to a couple museums, went to FAO Shwartz (very monumental for me, this is where they have the really big piano in the movie "Big")  Oh and also very fun and funny, we went to the Jon Stewart's Daily Show viewing.

Poor Bren got pretty sick while we were in NY and doctor visits in NY and antibiotics being so expensive.... I called my uncle in Mexico, (The Uncle that's a doc) and he tells me what I need to get.  I call a pharmacy and they say I need a prescription for those pills.... hmmm.  Hop on the internet and do some research; I find that you can go to a place called Sunset Park and go to the liquor stores and get the antibiotic without a prescription.  Ok, let's try it... we get to Sunset Park, go to a meat store and ask in Spanish if he knows where I can get amoxicilin.  He doesn't know, but a man overhears us and sends us to a a bread store.  We ask the bread store and they don't have it but they send us to a convenience store a few blocks away.  We ask, she says no.  I ask her if she has anything for my husband who feels horrible?  She then asks if he's ev3er taken Amoxicilin before and Bren says "si."  Magically the pills appear and we buy them.  Mission accomplished and another sight has been seen.
The happy engaged couple

On the Highline

There's a cool spot on the highline with a big window over the traffic.  Pretty cool

Ballerina poses

The "Big" Piano!

Bren took engagement shots of Billy and Tif, and here their so modelish, magazine, billboard worthy


Brother, Sisterly Love

We did some pictures for Cleobella (Brendan's cousin's purse company) and this is Bren's AMAZING work!

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