Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Grandma and Tio Jave

While we were in Mexico, we were able to spend time with tehm; able to sit with abuelita and my Tio, and listen to my abuelita's stories while my Tio would chime in.

Where do I even begin, I could talk and talk abuot these two for a long long time and still have more to talk about, but your sake:

Tender, Spunky, Kisses, 103, Full of energy, Loves to laugh, Accepting of everyone, Incredibly wise, Loves her 15 minutes of sun and a beer, Historical green eyes, Love

Tio Jave:
Loves his marbles, Enjoys his routine, Working man, Too cute, Has a little smirk, When laughing he cracks up, Loves his mom

Together, these two were made for each other.  My Tio Javi is mentally ill; that has always kept my grandma on her feet.  On the other hand, my grandma is now 103; my Tio Javi does the best he can to bring her food and listens to her even if she's repeated the same thing 5 times becuuse she can't remember.

These two are quite an act together and their love for each other is so evident.  We are all so lucky and blessed to have them in our lives.  Te quiero mucho abuelita, te quiero mucho Tio.

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