Friday, February 26, 2010

NYC - Family and Friends

I'm gonna divi New York in 2 sections; Hanging with Friends and Famiy and NYC sightseeing.  This post will be about the important things in life: Family and Friends.

We arrive to NY and our biggest shock: people speak English! (Bren was really enjoying that)  People used dollar bills..(back to real money) and everyone looked different.  So much diversity in the U.S.  (melting pot, bowl of salad) whatever you wanna call it, it's very cool!  We were able to spend 3 weeks in NY, and Brendan's brother and soon to be sister-in-law (Billy and Tif) live there.

Spending time with them was so incredibly great and we're glad NY was a stop on the honeymoon.  The joke of the house was that "we were at the never ending sleepover."  We watched movies, ate together, talked, played board games, and other games (ungame; good one to check out if you've never played.  It's a cheesy talking game that Bren and I got from our marriage classes, but really fun to play and get to know people better.)  Our house (actually Billy and Tif's place) was te definate hang out.  Their friends regularly came over and tey were such great people to be with.

My old roomate (Ashley) found herself traveling with one of the Lady Gaga's dancer's to NY, so Ash and her friend met up with us; hanging with Ashley is always a crack up and a blast!
Ash, and Ash's friend (so sorry, can't remember your name)   

Now Tori (Bren's sis) is a pole-vaulter for UCLA and jumped in NY with a Personal Record of 13Ft 9 in!  Dang Girl!  It was so awesome to have Tori ther; it completed the puzzle.

Tori going up...

Tori going over
Tori jumped 13' 9"

Me and Billy being excited!

Superbowl, Superbowl.  Every year superbowl is at my Tio Tino's and Aunt Wendy's house and there's always good and plenty of food with a huge screen and people yelling.  (I'm sure that's what a lot of people's superbowl look like!)  This year, we got to spend the superbowl in NY, in Billy and Tif's apartment, with a brand new T.V. and H.D., surround sound.

 Not bad!  Oh and the food...oooo (yummy and plenty of it)
It was so nice to be in New York and rest in a heated apartment, sit/lay on a comfy couch, shower with hot water for more than 5 minutes and to have water pressure.  Very relaxing, and best of all, we got to hang with more family!

We can't remember why the index finger is being held up...

Jill's Debut (She was in this independent film, and she had never acted before)

Brotha and Sista

A game of Cranium with some Fondue... Life is good!

Surfing- in case you didn't get the picture

Oh, Bren is set! We got a Valentines box from Grandma and the aunties, and it was filled with LOTS of goodies!

The Girls


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