Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Feel More Marriages On the Way...

Posada: A Mexican tradition in the Christmas times where you drink hot punch, eat hot tamales, have a bonfire, re-enact Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay the night Jesus was born; another fun party with family and friends.
We went to a friends house for a posada and we did a gift exchange which was rigged in a very good way!  It was our guy friends turn to give his gift to his "Secret Santa" and his "Secret Santa" ended up being his girlfriend ;)  She began to open her present and in the middle of opening it up, she gasped, let out a little yell, stepped back from teh little black box she had found and covered her mouth in shock!  Highlight of the night: our friends got engaged!

He's putting the ring on her finger..

Their engaged!

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