Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Hit the Wall

Getting ready for the wedding, got married, went to Vegas for a few days, went river rafting, went camping with some cousins, got home and packed wedding gifts, packed my room, moved Bren out of his parents house, hung out with the family down for the wedding: BBQ's, Pool Parties, and 20 minutes before leaving to the airport we decided we should probably pack for our year long honeymoon. We got to Argentina and the start of the honeymoon began! Were so excited to be here, wanting to see everything, (body is slowing down) walking Argentina, taking subays and trains (body slowing down more) going out at night, found our 1st place together (body has now completly shut off....) We hit the wall and we hit it hard!

1 comment:

  1. Just finished talking to you guys and Billy at the same time. Sooooo cool!!! I'm glad you are listening to your bodies and letting yourself take the time to recoup. It's all about balance in life and now you FINALLLY have the time to re-energize. And hey, you've got PLENTY of time to see it all!!!

    love ya mucho,
    mama c