Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Begining

So Bren and I had a layover in Mexico City which was bomb, cause we got to see family and hang. Don't worry, pics will be up soon, Bren has been working on that.

Let me give you the low down on the last couple days:

Airplane landed, took the city bus to Buenos Aires, walked about 15 blocks with out backpacks,
got Argentinan pesos, checked into a hotel, had dinner, locals told us of a good bar, Kilkenny, had a drink, thought cigarettes would be fun, EEEWWW; What were we thinking... Woke up, checked out, got breakfast, checked into Hostel Colonial, shared a room with Lesbians from France, saw a homeless streetvendor offering to do dreadlocks (why not?) So I did, guy at hostel told us of a bar and a club, went to the bar, had some fondue, got to the club around 2am strutting my new dreads; (Bren was really excited we got VIP entrance and didn't have to wait in line.) We danced, partied like rockstars.... Life is great, I'm married to Brendan.