Monday, August 10, 2009

Our 1st Aparatment

We moved into our 1st apartment! The place is perfect:
It has a window the size of one of our walls with a great view and a way cute terrace with a table for lunch on sunnier days, and spectacular views of the city lights at night. (P.S. We even have an extra bedroom; it's pretty much like a big closet, for those that want to visit) We've been settling in and figuring out why our hot water won't work and having some internet issutes, but that's all been figured out now, and we're on to finding Bren a Spanish school!
Side note: Don't worry about us not getting enough to eat....
Dinner Tonight
Appetizer - sauteed mushrooms (w/ garlic and basil)
Bread with oil and vinegar
Main Course - Steak and chicken shiskabobs and a HUGE platter of grilled vegis
A bottle of wine and 2 beers. So much food that we even had left overs!
(Were livng it up)

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