Saturday, April 3, 2010

Luxor: Part 1

Early flight and off to Luxor!  After checking into the hotel, we go and check out the Karnak temple; the biggest religious complex in the world.  We enter with a pathway of tall pillars that seem to have no end.  The pillars go as far North as they do West and East and your in a maze of pillars.

Karnak was filled with people, yet the whole area felt  peaceful.  There was so much symbolism in every pillar, in every wall; it was as if the walls were talking.  Towards the back was very interesting and you could see how Christianity came to Egypt, they took over temples that were once in use.  Sad but interesting to see history; what was once a statue of a pharaoh and his family, was later taken apart and sculptured into a cross.  What was once hieroglyphics on the wall, was painted over my Mary and Joseph, and saints.  It was very interesting to be able to see history in front of me.  After the Karnak temple, we head over to the Luxor temple; so incredible the amount of stone, and the weight,  how it was all placed in one spot, and then as if that wasn't enough, every stone is carved out with different meaning, and statues are everywhere.  Throughout the day, a man with a horse and carriage was taking us around from spot to spot.  Very sweet man, and after our day, he invited us to his house for some tea.  His family was so kind, and his brother's kid was too ADORABLE!

The symbol on the right means "The key of life"

The man with his horse and carriage that took us around for the day

My shadow looks pretty cool, and yes I'm steering the horse; liked it a lot
The man called his horse and carriage a "Ferrari" Pretty clever

This shows the Coptic Christians painting over the hieroglyphics. 

I don't know how much longer the long hair is lasting

I was in a "taking pictures" day, hence all the pictures of Bren

Mom taking it in

If you were to touch the hieroglyphics in the background, it meant protection, shelter, good luck and I think something else as well, but can't remember 

Love him

Sunset at the Luxor Bank

Our driver and his adorable nephew

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