Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where All Things Began

SENSORY OVERLOAD; lot and lots of people on the street, big shops with lights and lights that go on and on, honking cars that seem to be talking to each other... we have arrived to Cairo, Egypt!  Now I remember learning about the pyramids in 6th grade history class, but I guess I had never wrapped my head about how much history Egypt has.  My parents told us they would be visiting us in Egypt for my birthday! So we decided to put off the major site seeing until they got here, which worked out perfect.  We got a feel for Cairo, walked around, checked out old Cairo (some very old and interesting sites!), had some sheesha (hookah) and ate some delicious food.

Barry's Restaurant - Gorgeous restaurant with the best view of the Pyramids

The Mena Hotel - Once a hunting lodge, now a famous hotel for having people like Churchill stay there

"I love lamp" ~ Anchorman ;)

Lots of cool antiques!

Coptic Cairo

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