Thursday, March 4, 2010

V-Day in Spain

Off to Spain!  We arrive to Malaga, Spain for a couple days and it's raining... Wierd weather so we stay in for dinner; turned our room into one big tent and dined with music and the ungame.  It was so fun!  (we even had a window in our tent looking at the outside lights and the rain.   The picture below is our tent~

 My mom says we have to go to Sevilla, Spain before crossing over to Morrocco to get into Africa... so off we go to Sevilla.  When we arrive there, we begin to look for a hostel and we run into a friend we met in Peru (he was on the hike with us to Machu Pichu!)  So cool! (small world)  Apparently he's living in Sevilla and going to school there and a few friends were going to a bar to watch a Rugby game, so we met up with themm later that night.
Valentines Day: Every year before V-Day my aunt Carrie has a girl's family party at her house and it was very wierd this year not spending that time with the girls.
The hostel we were in for Valentine's Day was really nice!   They gave us a key to our private entrance within a windy stone road, we had the top floor to ourselves and we even had a spacious balcony.  Pretty cool.  V-Day we wake up and checked out a HUGE cathedral. (So big, the Notre Dame fits inside and Christopher Columbus is buried there.)  Later headed over to the bar and met up with some friends.

After the bar, we bought some dinner, took it to our room and made our bed the table and put on som good music.  Great V-Day

The Big Cathedral

This Sherry wine is called "Tio Pepe"  My uncle's name is Tio Pepe, (Tio means uncle,) so I had to have some.  Cheers to Tio Pepe!


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