Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chill Out

A friend tells us of a hotel on the coast... We're off to Sharm El Sheik and live the resort life for a little; lay by the pool, layout at the beach.  We even treated ourselves to a full body wrap followed by a facial, and then completed our body relaxation with a 50 minute massage...  It felt so good!

After Sharm, we head to another coastal city called Dahab; very chilax place to be.  Did some laying out, eating and snorkling.  The Red Sea is a pretty great spot for snorkling.  One of the nights in Dahab we had dinner in the desert; A jeep picked Bren and I up and took us out into the desert, where there was men waiting for us around the fire.

 We met the men, they offered us some Bedouin tea and shesha (also known as hookah)  Bren and I played around in the open full moon lit desert, while our dinner was being prepared.  Dinner was served and there was a lot of goodness on our plates.  After dinner we took a night hike up the mountains and continued to enjoy Dahab.

In Sharm, smoking a little sheesha

Our hotel, and me working on the blog

Dinner in the desert.  Liked the Jeep

The dinner area in the desert.  Us being all romantic with our candle and stuff

Went on a little night hike and this is the overview of where we were

Woke up one morning in our tent and found these cool guys walking around

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