Friday, February 12, 2010

Wake Up Call

Night Before: Bren and I went to pick up Mama C, Papa G and Tor! That night Ang, Tor, Bren and I stayed up, catching up on eachother's lives and just talking since we hadn't done that in so long.

Next Morning: (1st morning that Mama C, Papa G and Tor are there!) The house is woken up by a mariachi, hot chocolate, and yummy bread at 7am. (great welcoming) Turns out, it was my aunt and uncles wedding anniversary and teh mariachi came for them. Cousins, aunts, adn uncles showed up to my grandma's house and we listened, sang, danced and ate. (Dancing and eating seem to be a reoccuring theme)

Tia Soco and Tio Ruben´s wedding anniversary

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