Friday, February 12, 2010

Road Trip

12 people, 2 cars, woke up to a late start and off to the city of beauty and history: Guanajuato. When we arrive to Guanajuato we become immersed in tunnels that at some points seem to be a maze. When we exit the tunnels we begin to see rock streets, beautiful architectural buildings, colorful walls, brdiges, and history on every corner. The 12 of us (Bren and I, Dad (Javier), sister (Ang), bro (Javs), cousins (Paco & Luisito), aunt (Tia Tere), uncle (Tio Luis), sister in-law (Torithy), mother in-law (Mama C), father in-law (Papa G) begin to walk, looking for food. We stop to have lunch and of course chat a great amount.

After checking into a hotel, we all go out to walk around the city and find ourselves with "estudiantiles" They a group of men that take you around the city, sing, play instruments and give you a cup drinking thing (that strongly resembles a bong) But no, no we were not smoking as we were walking and singing; instead they pured a mixed concosion that was lots and lots of sugar with a little bit of alchol; so were drinking, walking and singing, and yes of course we danced) P.S. My dad looked like he was part of the band (up in the front, singing every song)

The next day we went to visit the famous mummies. The story goes:
    Hundreds of years ago when people died they were burried, but years later there was no longer any room for new people to be burried... so the people that could no longer pay for their families spot in the grave, were dug up for the new people... Well, when they dug up the bones they were shocked to find that the body had been mummified. 3 out of 100 bodies were mummifies and it's said to be from the dirt and the air that the bodies became this way. The bodies still had fingernails, hair, even eyelashes. Very strange to see their full intact bodies, but very interesting to hear about their stories and the life they lived. Guanajuato is also very known for their mining, so our next stop: 2 different mines to check out. They told us of the very hard and extreme conditions the indigenous people worked in and we got to walk through part of the mine. That night Papa G's stomach wasn't feeling too good, so Papa G layed low so he would be ready to go the next day. The rest of us went to dinner and had an intense session of karaoke. Our last day we cruised the city, ate food, took some shots for a cousin's purse company (Cleobella) and randomly ran into Torithy's boyfriends family in the plaza. Small, small world. We later found out that Brendan's great grandmas was from Guanajuato! We had such an amazing time with family all around us.Family = Paradise!

The ¨Porron¨  What we drank out of while we were singing and walking

The Girls

Crazy ha?

In the mine

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