Friday, February 12, 2010

New Year´s Eve

We beging hte day with a edrive to Camecuaro; a place where you can rent a small boat and row yourself down the river.  We chat, eat and wald around checking out all the cool roots of the trees.  

  Night falls and we take Mama C, Papa G and Tor to the plaza so they can check out the infamous plaza.  (watching girls walk one way and the boys walking the other way as they check the girls out and maybe have the nerve to ask a girl for a walk around the plaza)  After the plaza, we make our way to my uncle's house for an aoutside bonfire, inside chats, and good food.  In Mexico, it's custom for family to be together till after midnight and later you hang out with friends.  So later that night/morning we head over to a cousin's, cousin's house (if that makes sense) and danced outside their house with a karaoke machine.  Later we head over to a street party that the DJ of the town was throwing.  When we got there it was very typical Purepero dancing.  Guys not dancing, watching and hoping that more girls would dance.  Now, our family is not shy, so we got to the street party with good music and rocked out, having way fun! 
A little bit of history: In the past when Bren had gone to Purepero, I had always told him to sneak up on the roof after hours, but Bren being the good man he is, always said no... So when we got home from New Year's Eve, (now that we're married he felt more comfortable) we got a big blanket and headed to the roof.  We layed, looking at the stars in complete silence, thinking of how blessed we are and what a wonderful family we have.

Midnight with Family

Some serious dancing
Street Party

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