Tuesday, February 16, 2010


On our way to the Tequila Factory (It was drizzling, hence the head gear)

We go to Guadalajara with Mama C, Papa G, Tor and Ang (My dad and Javi stayed in Purepero to be with Pure family a little longer, since the time passes by so quick)  My cousins have a little place in Guadalajara so we stay there.  1st day we go to the city Tequila; this is where tequila came from and is made.  We take a tequila tour, which was very cool.

They explained the whole process as they walked you through their factory.  Then of course they give you som tequila to taste; tequila before they age it, which makes the proof very high (illegal to sell, so they give it to you in the factory.  I think Mama C's facial expression, after that taste, was the best.  We even got to have a professional tasting and I definatly learned a thing or two about tasting tequila.  We then headed to teh bar to have some margarita's and chip's n dip.  We finish teh night with Dairy Queen and a movie.  Too fun!  The next day we get on the double decker red bus, which is a great way to see the city.  You can hop on and off at any stop.  On our way to the bus, Brendan accidently cuts of a cop and get pulled over.  Bren speaks to the cop in Spanish (he's getting better!)  When we got to teh center of the city, we check out the cathedral, were we thinkk Brendan's great grandma Guerrero got married.  How cool!  After such an amazing time, the next day we hugged and kissed both of our families as tey were off, back to California :(  I guess we knew that was coming, but we began to miss them the second we didn't see them anymore.
Please look at Angela's face...That little boy is darn cute

Our little white Mexican boy is pretty cute too


Wow, that is HOT...the factory makes you put on these before walking in

Part of the tequila process (All the round things; heart of the agave)

The girls

The Next day on the double decker bus

Family in front of the cathedral

Take note: Mama C is half way done with her dessert and eating it during the picture, Tori has begun with the chocolate, and I need to catch up!  (I think we can safely say, Mama C loves her dessert)

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  1. Hi you guys, we love following you blogs. Wish we were there.
    Lot of love and Aloha, uncle Bill, auntie Robin, Tara, Sean, Keira and Kash