Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pigs, Pigs, Pigs

The town my family is from is a small town; you see people on horses in the street, there's small stores everywhere, we drink milk straight from the cow and have to boil it before putting it in the fridge to drink.  So of couse I have an uncle that has a Pig farm, where he gets pigs big and fat, and then sells them to eat really good carnitas!  Bren had never been to the pig farm, so we went over and saw the whole process, from the stall where the magic happens (where they put the pigs to mate) where the pregnant pigs go to have their pigs, where the teenage pigs go, and where the big fat pigs go, and the huge trucks they put them in to take them to sell.  Dani D, you would love all the little pigs running around! (minus the smell)  That day we woke up and said we were going to drive and see where we ended up so I wore a brand new sweater I had just bought.  Little did I know we would end up at the pig farm... definatly got some poo from the Piglets on my sweater and it definatly didn't smell the best.  

This is my little cousin, who earlier that day fell and hurt his lip, and thought a price tag would be the best band-aid

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