Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our 1st Thanksgiving - We Get Married in Mexico

Got Married?  (Read on)

Thanksgiving is a definate American holiday, and not celebrated in Mexico, so we didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving till the day of.  That day, my little cousins were having a Mexican day at their school.  MMMmmm, that means there's all the home-made Mexican food you could think of and lots of Salsa(you'd love it Megs)  They have games and such and it goes on until the food is gone.  So we kept the Thanksgiving tradition going, and ate everything and more!  There was this one station where you could get married (obviously for fun) and they do the whole nine yards.  You walk down the red carpet, the judge reads a paper and you sign, you kiss, confetti is thrown and they even take pictures and sell them afterwards.  So me and Bren got married in Mexico too!

Tamale Station!

Traditional Dancing in Mexico

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  1. Congrat!!! Claro quien puede olvidar la quermes de la escuela. Creo que tengo unos divorcios que procesar JAJAJAJAJA. Love Cyntia