Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cafe Mundo

We arrive to Michoacan, Mexico and decided, let's open up a coffe shop and a dance club on Saturday's.  lol  The town my family is from is a very small, so we thought this could be a difficult thing to bring into the town, but thought, why not:  year long honeymoon, no compromise, we do what we want, lol.  So we did just that, we worked hard on making some cool decorations that wouldn't cost too much but that would add some ambiance.  First time wasn't the biggest hit  so we decided to do some more marketing.  Loud speaker on the car, oh yes, we did that.  Bren and I recorded our voice and our DJ at our Club set up the big speaker and amp, and we went around town playing our Propaganda song!  Too funny to hear our own voices while driving.  Sad to say, the coffee shop or the dance club didn't do so well, but a good plus: lots of left over alcohol and cappuccino's!

This is the club without DJ or people, but you kind of get an idea of the table setting

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