Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We Are Way Too Lucky

Not only did our friends let us stay in their apartment, pick us up from the airport, drive us to cool spots, and gave us a cell phone, but they also offered up their beach apartment for me and Bren to stay in for  a couple days.  And Javier's dad (Javier and Chelsea are the friends we stayed with) invited us over for lunch at his home which is beautiful!  We ate, talked, drank, swam, and had a great time!  The beach apartent had a huge window that overlooked the marina, and Bren and I ate every meal there, with the awesome view.  We went into town and shopped the day away, ALWAYS fun!

Our View from our big fun windows

After our great and relaxing time in Venezuela, we went to the airport to fly to Mexico, but we had just one problem... once you have Venezuelan currency, the exchange houses won't change that currency to any other currency... wierd politics with Venezuela and Hugo Chavez (who by the way is not liked by many many people in Venezuela)  So we had two options, get it changed on the street, but our friends didn't recommend that because it's a shady business and they often give away fake money, so we had one other option, shop and spend it in the airport!  Airports are very expensive, but hey we had to spend the money, or the money would never be used again...

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