Saturday, December 5, 2009

Venezuela, German, Gothic, Braveheart = FUN!

Before arriving to Venezuela, and an old friend from high school saw pictures of me and Bren on our honeymoon; she emailed me that her and her and her boyfriend have been living in Venezuela for a year and a half, and that we should stay with them!  They were absolutly amazing hosts, and we can't even begin to say how much they did for us!! We get there and  Halloween is creeping closer; love dressing up, so this holiday is too much fun!
Before the big night, we went to visit an all German town in Venezuela, about 45 minutes from Caracas; very wierd to see blonde hair and blue eyes in Venezuela, lol. The story of the town goes like this:  A long long time ago, a Venezuelen promised land ready for cultivation and homes for them to live in, so a lot of German's moved to Venezuela.  But when they got there, the land was raw jungle, and there was only one building.... The Germans worked very hard, and now this town is known for cultivating great vegetables, fruits, and jam!  After visiting the town and buying some yummy food, we headed back to Caracas to get ready for the big night.  Outfits... hmmm, hadn't planned too much, so we did the old: get in the closet and see what we can pull together...  I was gothic that night, which was just way too much fun, but I think I smiled too much for a gothic girl...  And Brendan painted half his face white with shoe polish; yikes, I was kind of scared he was going to wake up with a rash, or no face...haha  We went out to a club and of course, danced the night away!

This is the main part of the town

German style in Spanish

Really big flower patch

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