Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too Cool of a Beach

A town called Tucacas in the state of Caraboba; translated a town  called Your Poop in the state of Dumb Face....  Ok, yeah what could there possibly be there??  Beaches, and beaches, with a tropical setting and warm warm water!!!  When we got to this town, it smelt pretty bad and it was scorching hot, and when we finally found a place to stay, our shower head poured out as much water as a little boy pissing (in Brendan's words)  We were hoping these beaches were as cool as our friends had talked about and we were definatly impressed!  The next day we went out on a small boat, and toured the various islands; the boat stopped in the middle of the ocean, and we hopped out into the water and could stand in chest high water!
We ended off on this island with wild palm trees, gorgeous clear warm water, and on a beautiful sunny day.  We forgot to bring extra money for food, and the boat dropped us off on an island and wasn't going to pick us up till 5pm.   Whoops.... not to worry though because there was so many palm trees filled with coconuts; we ate those all day, and drank the juice from the cocunut.  The ride back from the island was so movieish, with the sun setting and our hair blowing in the wind, we just closed our eyes and took it all in.  On the way back we stopped and took a swim with starfish in the warm water!

This is wear the Virgin appeared.  On the left side, you see a darker spot on the rock (a dark spot of her face as well as her robe)  The people hang clothes as an offering to the Virgin Mary

Swimming with starfish at the bottom of our feet!

A way cool shell I found, all intact!

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