Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tia Nena is Yet Another Year Wiser

The lady on the right is my Tia Nena (her b-day)

My Tia Nena and my Tio Joel have a ranch about 5-10 minutes from their house in the town.  Kind of funny that there relax home is that close to their actual house.  In Mexico, the big meal is lunch, and dinner is normally bread with hot chocolate or some tacos on the street, so Sunday for lunch we went to my aunt and uncles rancho to celebrate my aunts birthday!  We started with 1 van, 1 car, some delicious food and headed over to the ranch.  Within an hour more and more families kept showing up with good food and good tequila.  Hey can't complain!  We had music going on, we ate all day, and a couple hours after lunch, it was very typical Mexican style and the ladies went inside to chat, while the men stayed outside to watch futbol.  We stayed their till the food and tequila were gone, and then headed home.

Of course I have to spill something

Me and the Birthday girl!

Mari Fer (my youngest cousin on my dad's side)

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