Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lake Titikaka

If your like Brendan, I or Billy, you might laugh or giggle when you hear this name.....Lake Titikaka...(And were not 12 years old either....)  Apparently the way you actually say this name, is different than one might think, and Lake Titikaka is very very cool.  Side Note: Peru is bleeding in culture, and it's so neat to see that culture still plays such a big role in the Peruvian lifestyle.

Dead tired from the hike to Machu Pichu, we take a bus ride to Lake Titikaka, where we then take a boat tour to the different islands; an island that is man made.  (Floating islands!)  Pretty interesting how these people made their own islands, and how a main source of their life revolves around reeds from the lake.  (food, homes, artisans, etc.)  They use the roots of the reeds to float and then pile the reeds in a criss cross motion, until the floor is complete.  These people live very simple lives on islands of about 50-70 feet in length.  We then headed over to another island about 2 hours away, where there are no cars in the streets.  The water surrounding this island is clear and from an overview the water is different shades of blue.  We arrived to a trout lunch at the top of a mountain, overlooking the beautiful lake.  It was so neat to see the different customs on this island; the men that are married wear colored hats, and the boys and men that aren't, wear hats with white tips.  Their hats are like our wedding rings!

Our view from our lunch... !

This clothes is typical of this island, as well as the dance


Taking of his shoes.... Why?....

Oh, of course!

Very Brendan like

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