Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tears...I had to cut off 6 Dreads from my head...:( :( :(

I had gone through a bottle of conditioner, countless showers, and yet not one of the last 6 dreads would come out...  I had to make a decision, so I gave Brendan the knife... and he did it... He cut off the dreads.  I kept seeing all the hair he was cutting off, and was thinking how I wasn't going to have any hair on the back of my head.  After Bren cut off the hair, he told me it looked normal, and so I was doing good, trying not to be too upset, keeping my cool. haha  But then he pointed at my head and said "You have a bald spot,"  I went into total desperation, and began to cry, then laugh, then cry and laugh again.

One of my dreads making good use as a mustache...

OMG... Is that what the back of my head looked like when I was trying to get those dreads out???

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