Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pictures Doesn't do This Justice, You'll Just Have to Make a Trip Here Yourself

This picture is off the internet of a ariel view so you could kind of get the idea of the falls.

Last stop before leaving Argentina...Iguazu Falls. d This park has over 200 waterfalls, but the most impressive that caught both of us by surprise is called "La Garganta Del Diablo" (The Devils Throat.)

About a year ago, someone back in theU.S. had showed me a picture of the waterfall and I knew that I had to go, but never did I imagine what we saw.  As were crossing a bridge to get to the Devil's Throat, you hear the roar and know you getting closer.  The closer we got, the louder te roar, but yet you couldn't hear a peep from the tourists.  We catch a glimpse of the waterfall... "No Way... Oh     My      Gosh.  We arrive and watch an overwhelming and intense amount of water fall to the bottom of the devil's throat.  SPEECHLESS...         Oh. My.... Speechless again.... Such a high and rush going through our veins and then it happened; permanent smiles plastered on our face.  We just stood there watching nature, and then we sat and watched, then stood and watched...Wow.. how does God do it!  As if that couldn't have kept us happy for the rest of our lives, we took a ride through the jungle and arrived to a boat that went up the river to get a closer look at a different waterall (not the Devil's throat, because I'm sure we would have died)  With a rainbow and butterflies all around, ge got closer to the waterfall and just when we thought the boat would head back, instead the boat went closer and closer!

We felt so tiny and about to get swallowed, and then that rush and high came back, and took over us!  We were soaked with those smiles plastered on our face, uncontrollable giggles and of course us kissing wasn't left out of the equation!

The background looks fake

That's my hottie!

These guys were EVERYWHERE

Still on my natural high!

Bren gets a picture of a Tucan on our way to the boat ride

On the boat which was WAY fun!

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