Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Picnic on the Glacier

Right before the hike/camping begins

A 3 day hike to the glaciers in El Chalten, Patagonia with backpacks that aren't necessarily the lightest.  We start the trek the first day, and by night find a perfect snowy place to pitch our tent.  It was great with all the snow all around us, because we had endless water supply!  The next morning we wake up to a late start, make breakfast and are off again.  We find a good place by the river to set up camp, set down our big backpacks, and walk only with what we need: harness, caribeaners, cramp ons for the ice glacier, and warm clothes.  On the way to the glacier we find our selves with a tyrol and traverse and cross the river with our harness and caribeaners.  (Way too much fun)                                        

We keep walking, and walking and walking through beautiful scenary that continues to change every 30 minutes.  Up the mountain, down the mountain, and we start to see the glacier closer to us!  We walk downhill for a good 30 minutes, and I can only think, what a work out it's going to be to go back up that mountain.  Wwhheww, makes me tired just thinking about it...  We finally begin to walk on the glacier, and walk towards the middle; we sit and stare in awe of the beauty around us.  We are sitting, with our sandwiches out, surrounded by walls of rocks, sitting on glacier, and the sun is peeking out just perfectly so that it all felt magical!  I felt like we were in a movie, and me and Brendan should be kissing, while the video camera did the 360 degree look all around us.  haha, it was a great picnic!

1st day, 1st few hours

Still the 1st day, very cool hike!

                                                                                         2nd Day, Second Camping stop

2nd day, on the glaciers

On the way back from the Picnic on the Glacier

Dinner that night... MMM very much needed

View from the tyrol and traverse


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