Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marble World Championships

Let's get out of Bolivia and head to Brazil!  On the bus ride to Brazil, when we find ourselves in the middle of the bus with a group of kids going to the world cup of marbles...!  Have you ever heard of that?

 We begin to play cards with them (For my dad: I taught them Black Jack, we played Vegas style and even bet with fake money, you would've loved it!)

So, their telling us about the world championships, and tell us to play and be the U.S.A. Representatives... Brazil must wait, World Championships, here we come!  The World Cup was held at Iguazu Falls (Remember those amazing waterfalls I was talking about?)  Bren and I practiced that night and the next day.  We were improving... Day of the world Championships!!!  We get there, get in the courts and practice a little.  People had heard that the U.S. was playing, so there was a crowd of people around us everytime we played.  We get checked in, take pictures with the U.S. flag that they brought out for us, and I even take a pictures with all the coaches in front of the different flags.  haha  I tried to be all serious with my hands behind my back and not smile (wasn't working out)  Side note:  the coach we had met on the bus (must I remind you: the coach of MARBLES!) had on the perfect coach gear - warm ups (the kind that make the swishy noise when you walk) a polo shirt, a hat and my favorite: a whistle around his neck to get his team in order!

Me and Bren being registered to the World Cup

Yeah for the U.S.A. Representatives!

The wonderful coach all dressed up

 To all of those reading this and hoping we would win... We didn't.  We lost the first round; I lost to an Argentine and Bren lost to a Brazilian.  Too much fun and we met a great family who treated us to lunch at the Sheraton!  The family travels, while the dad opens up Sheratons.  And get this the kids speak English, Spanish and Chinese.  All in all, a great stop and now when Bren and I have free time we play marbles (were actually kind of obsessed and really competitive.)  Signing off and as my Aunt Wendy said "Taking the time to smell the roses or "play marbles" that's what life is all about!"

This was the dog at the hostel we stayed at, and he couldn't see, and his tongue never moved from that position


Category A
 Category B

Category C

Category D (Also mine and Bren's Category)

Category E (Yep, even a 40 and above for Marbles!)

Me being a coach

Bren and his opponent

Bren playing some serious Marbles

Me and my opponent

Jeez, look at that face...!  And I still lost

He's going on to the next day!!  Category E

Instead of chalk, some of the kids used the dirt, and in this part of town, it's red

Just some of the winner's the first day

Part of the family we met

The winner gets a marble made of solid gold...He was really nervous, in category A, and one of the kids we came with.....He didn't win the gold marble, but he got a solid silver one!

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  1. Speechless! I love the determination on your face Linda while you played in the marble competition. Only you two would "register" for the World Cup Marble Championships, without ever even knowing what it was!!