Saturday, October 3, 2009

Linda and Brendan Paradise

The Fitz Roy

We wake up every morning and decide if we want to rock climb, hike, fish, go camp, see a waterfall, have lunch by the lake, or just sit and take in the beauty.  The last week we were in Buenos Aires, we made a rough outline of our trip until December and the city, El Chalten has put a halt on our "plans.  (What are those good for anyway, Right?)  Instead of the 3 days we were thinking of, we have been here for 15 days now.  We both brought our climbing gear, so wehter we climb on a rock or in the gym, we pretty much get to climb every day!  Brendan is learning Spanish, but is having a hard time studying on his own, since he doesn't go to school every day anymore, like he did in BA.  (But we're speaking in Spanish every day)  When it comes to studying the material he got at the BA school, Brendan likes to use the phrase, "manana." (tomorrow)

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  1. Hi Kids, I am so impressed with your wonderful website and the magnificent pictures!!!! You should both have your own TV documentary with all of what you are experiencing!!! I Love it!! It looks soooo surrrreal!! I talked to your Mom yesterday, Brendan and she told me that you are now en route to Peru and may be there by now?? Can't wait to see what your Peru pictures will look like, but I understand you will be going into high altitudes in the Andes??!!! Take care and enjoy the journey!......Love you both!!