Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chillin in Brazil

One very very good thing about not entering Bolivia: In order to go to Brazil, there are certain countries that if you come from, you have to get a shot...(Yellow Fever)  dun dun dun... but because we never got a stamp or visa on our passport, we don't need one!  Anyone who knows me, knows what a huge relief that one was!  I was standing in the immigration line with butterflies and sweating, hoping they wouldn't ask for me to get a shot... and I passed!  We're in Brazil and head on over to Florianopolis (Floripa)  The apartment we stay in is a block from teh beach, mellow fisherman town and the first day we get there the weather is superb.  Jim told us his friends lived there and we hooked up with him.  Andre, way nice, mellow guy.

 For those fo you that are confused: Joim O'Brien, and for those that are still confused: Brendan's, cousin's, husband.  lol as if that wasn't confusing.  Anywho, we did some major relaxing in Brazil and got to see some really cool beaches with lots of jungly vegetation.

We had to splurge on the First day

The beach right by our apartment

To get to the beach, you walked through this! Pretty!\

Javs, we found your shack in front of the beach!

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  1. Amazing pictures, I wish I were there!